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About Fortress Group

Efficiently providing high quality service.

Fortress Group sets the industry standard of excellence by efficiently providing high quality food service packaging, supply solutions and exceptionally reliable service.

Our Story

The goal is for Fortress Group to provide financing solutions to its business partners in executing high volume trade transactions. It has worked with the governments of Liberia, Cameroon & Ghana to break monopolies in major sectors like cement & steel. The real estate division of Fortress group develops residential real estate ranging from mass affordable housing to mid rise apartment buildings in North America & Africa.


The commodities traded by Fortress Group includes cement, steel, rice, oil, sugar, ethanol, gum arabic, cocoa, shea and a full range of agricultural produce. Fast moving consumer goods includes pre-packaged foods & consumer goods for supermarket & department chains. Fortress has special trade finance programs specifically targeted for wholesalers & distributors of commodities & consumer goods and medical disposables for & pharmaceuticals for hospitals.

What We Value

Fortress Group sets the industry standard of excellence by efficiently providing high quality food service packaging, supply solutions and exceptionally reliable service. 

Fortress Group provides a customized “white glove” warehouse import program for disposables and other products for a host of industries including food service, healthcare, medical, Industrial, automotive & janitorial.

Your Trusted Supplier of Quality.


Human Capital

Business is a human endeavor. The thoughts, skills and efforts of our employees are key to Fortress Group's success. The company’s future is secured by valuing and encouraging the contributions of each employee.



Fortress Group's proprietary technology platforms enable us to consistently deliver best solutions. in-class.



Disciplined control of costs fosters creativity. An efficient company can absorb the occasional stumbles that come with growth and intelligent risk-taking and still succeed. An inefficient business with great products will fail in the end.



Opportunities come when we listen diligently to customer needs, then deliver timely solutions created through the ability, imagination, and determination of our people.



Customers choose Fortress Group's products because of their condence in the dependable high quality of our products, timeliness of our orders and responsiveness of our organization.



Every Fortress Group employee provides services to internal and external customers who rely upon those services to perform their jobs. In this interdependent environment, success is built upon communication. Consistent communication heads off unwelcome surprises and generates productive ideas

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